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Kerman, Tabriz

Kerman, Tabriz

alhea houtman




When you’re traveling around the world you want to bring very minimal things, do you agree? You try to bring fewer things that are somewhat multi-purpose too, things that are useful for many things! Do you agree? Now, I know I’m not an expert in this but I’d like to suggest or recommend multiple things that I bought and based on experience. Now, when it comes to bringing a child below… 10! Let’s say, below 10. They need a companion, they need something that can keep them entertained, or keep them busy let’s say :) Now, I have a 7 years old little brother, Zach. Who… most of the time gets easily bored along the way and on the road, he kept on asking “are we there yet? Are we there yet??”. (Click here for Long Hour Drives, Bored?)


Sometimes, Zach could be very helpful and annoying most of the time. I mean, if you’re trying to do school work or even cleaning up the car! He couldn’t bring the heavy stuff, he’s still 7. Therefore, with that advantage, he’s able to bug most of the people in the car. My mom, Ibu Winda. She didn’t allow Zach to bring his big toys nor his little cars, because it can be very hard most of the time to bring his toys and he might not even play with them. Therefore, Zach only bring his gazillion rubbers that he could turn it into anything and his little catapult :) 


Along the way of our journey, we’ve eaten in multiple fast-food restaurants. Therefore, Zach got multiple toys from just ordering in the Kids Meal Menu! He got his toy Monster Shark Truck from McDonald's in Abbottabad, Pakistan. When we were on our way from Islamabad to Naran, Pakistan. The second we went to McDonald's, he’s very pumped for free toys! So as the little things that we get along the road, these are the little things that became very valuable to us and it is one of my favorite things about this trip. Then there is his other toy that became very historical, his Iron Man toy that he got in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), in Lahore, Pakistan. Let me tell you something, these small toys that he got from just a Kids Meal Box can be very valuable to him. Plus, you save a bunch of money. If you’re traveling with a kid or a child on board, don’t spoil them. Don’t get them what they want, let them learn too. 


My little brother Zach didn’t get a toy from a huge toy store, he didn’t get a HotWheels set neither did he get a huge Lego set. No, he didn’t get any of those, my parents have told their children including; (my big sister) Sha, (my little brother) Zach, and me. They’ve taught us that “if you want to get luxurious toys, expensive gifts, and a deluxe trip. This is not the trip, because we’re here to learn and explore the world, meet new people and new surroundings.” - parents. They’ve taught us that we’re here not to buy expensive things or sleeping in a good hotel, we even wash our own clothes and we got here all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia with a car. 



“The smallest and cheapest things can be very expensive and valuable, in a way you can’t get it anywhere else.” - Alhea Houtman 2019. 

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