Seafood, Thailand 

alhea houtman 


Let me tell you something when someone mentions Thailand. Thailand always reminds me of their delicious foods! Especially their Seafood, my family and I love the taste of how the seafood is spicy yet still very tasty. We love the sauce, crabs, fish, clams, and so many more. Especially my dad loves the crabs! And so do I. I have to know idea what, but they have this secret ingredient that they put in each and every one of their dishes. It’s not that it’s also delicious, other than that it is safe for us too! The Majority of the population in Thailand is Buddhism, meaning we as Muslims we have to be careful of choosing what food are we going to eat? We have to choose Halal foods, especially it was that time of the year! Ramadhan Month, where we get to do 30 days of fasting. Anyways, that month is a very important month for us as Muslims.


Anyways, along the way… everywhere we go we found a bunch of markets! They also have a bunch of markets filled with various foods, they even sell crickets for snacks. It’s normal for them, but for us as Indonesians, we don’t eat this kind of stuff. That’s why we chose to eat Seafood as long as we’re in Thailand, and I don't regret any of the seafood that I ate. It was one of the most delicious dishes that I have ever tasted, all of the seafood that we ate. 100% recommend, for those that are visiting Thailand, don’t forget to try their delicious Seafood!

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- Alhea Houtman