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We Went to... Thailand!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

“สวัสดี”, Sawadee Ka/Krab. If someone mentioned Thailand, it just reminds me of their Seafood. Let me tell you something! Their food is very delicious, at that time we were having our Ramadhan month which we were fasting at that point, we had our Iftar in a Halal Seafood Restaurant! We ate one of the best Halal Seafood Restaurant as soon we went out of the Border, therefore it was an area called Betong. Let me tell you something, it is one of the delicious Seafood that I have ever tried in my whole entire life we had; giant crabs, squid, clams, fish, and many more (Click here if you want to know more about it).

In Thailand, we tried the elephant trekking! But it is not a reasonable price I may say, back at home, Indonesia. We did the same elephant trekking! But it was way bigger, there was no seat on top of the elephant. Therefore, they only provide a carpet for us to sit on top of them and it was a lot cheaper, but we went into some kind of off-road which makes things a lot more fun. Now, the second we get through immigration to Thailand… the first thing that we’re trying to find is SIM CARDS. If we don’t get SIM CARDS as soon as possible, we’re not able to track anything, we can’t find hotel restaurants and many more.

It was very tricky to only search for SIM CARDS after we went to about 5 stores… we finally got three! It’s always that they don’t have the stock or they’re not selling it for the day, or they actually don’t sell one. Why three SIM CARDS? Those three SIM CARDS are the essentials, one for my mom, my dad for the GPS (Click here to know more about it), and the tablet in Bejo for the GPS too! Let me tell you though, it was quite challenging to be able to communicate with them, especially in the small areas. But we’re able to communicate a little better, why? In that specific area, they’re able to speak Melayu or Malaysian.

Throughout the whole time in Thailand, my whole experience being there is that every time there is a market I’m able to buy my favorite drink! Coco Shake! (Click here to know more about it). Coco Shakes are the best! One of the challenges of buying in markets is… being able to communicate and bargain with one another. Most of them don’t understand what we’re talking about, except for modern cities (Bangkok). But throughout my experience in being able to talk with one another is the troubles, the hardest times and then finally they get what we’re saying, (Click here to know more about it).

Here is a little story about communicating, we were on our way from Bangkok to Maesot. Maesot is the last city for us in Thailand to be able to cross Myanmar and that is where the border is, from our long hour drives we found a mall and decided to eat there! We ate in this food court and we didn’t know how it works, we didn’t know if the system is the same as how we eat food courts back home or what? So then we were a little clueless, until… my mom saw this foreign guy and he was talking to someone in English on the phone. As he was about to pay for this card to be able to eat in the Food Court, so then we asked him “excuse me, do we get one card for one family or one card for each one of us?”, then he replied “oh! One card for one family is fine,”. But then not long after he smiled and said, “it’s funny how this guy on the phone is helping me to communicate in Thailand, now I’m helping you and we’re speaking in English… Ugh, it’s just people helping people”.

So then we all laughed and we’re able to eat dinner. I love how everyone has different personalities with different ways to relate to each other, most of the time in our Journey I love being able to talk with other people, it feels like I’m connecting with them and especially if they're from a different country. Most people say that I’m an Introvert, well yes, most of the time I got shy and nervous meeting new people, but also the majority of the time to those that I’m nervous about meeting them I usually start the conversation. Therefore, most of the time I can be introverted yet I also can be extroverted if I am feeling that way and a lot of things to share :)

When someone brings up Thailand, they always remind me of their scrumptious and delicious food! I couldn’t be any happier in being able to taste those delicious Seafood sauces and my favorite drink of all time! Coco Shake! Thailand also reminds me of their large and huge temples, filled with dozens of gold shining and shimmering from afar, I am totally amazed by them and I totally love them with all my heart. Therefore, I definitely recommend everyone to visit Thailand! Filled with dozens of lovely people that would love to help you out, and dozens of people with kind hearts.

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