Masala Lemon Squash 

Masala Lemon Squash?!

This particular drink is made by the locals as a welcoming drink! We were out with our friend Ba Blada and he told us to try their local welcoming drink. As I saw, it was very rare for me because I have never seen that kind of drink in my life. It smells very strong too if I’m not mistaken it is filled with Soda, Lemon Squash, and Masala. Masala is very good in an Omelette but based on my opinion, putting Masala on top of a drink especially a Lemon Squash + Soda… for me? I don’t really love it as much :) but I don’t know about others, you should definitely try it though. On the other hand, our friend Ba Blada told us that it is good for your digestion! It gives you a ginger taste at the back of your throat (the after taste), so I recommend you give it a try, of course! When you visit Lucknow (India), stop by in any drink store where you get to try the Masala Lemon Squash. 


Let me tell you something, this Masala doesn't always end up in this drink. In India, they have Masala added up in everywhere! in their Coffees, Tea, Lemon Squash, and many other drinks! Based on my opinion I love the Masala with the Omelette, it tastes very delicious. But since we're not used to the strong taste of the spices, I don't love it as much as I love Masala Omelette. But, Gemma (my grandmother), she drinks and eats everything. Including those that she doesn't like, she finishes it too. Foods or Drinks that are healthy and that she doesn't like, she eats it anyways. That's why my grandma is very strong! Anyways, when you visit Lucknow (India), don't forget to stop by in any drink stores where you can get or try the Masala Lemon Squash! 

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- Alhea Houtman