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Tabriz, Iran

Tabriz, Iran

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

alhea houtman



Here is the list that you can do in Long Hour Drives :) 

It’s normal if you get bored in the car, I never really complained if I get bored in the car… Usually, if I did so, I will break everyone’s good mood, usually, the one who will complain if they got bored is, Zach. But Zach doesn’t get bored most of the time, it was just the first time of long hour drives for him, but as he gets often sitting down in the car… he’s used to it, he’ll either prepared what he’s going to do in the car, the night before or prepare it in the morning after breakfast. 

  • Listen to Music and Jamming with your family! I listen to a bunch of Music with my family in the car and let me tell you something, it will never stop. (Click here to see some songs that we’ve been listening to!) 

  • Eat Some Food! I get Hungry most of the time and that quite change my mood a little bit, freshen up! 

  • Bring a Small Musical Instrument! I bring my Ukulele, well it belongs to me and my sister. Well, we didn’t really know how to play the Ukulele but we learned along the way! The Ukulele became my favorite thing to do when I’m bored in the car :) Oh! The Ukulele can benefit your trip in so many ways such as in the car, custom and many more. Why custom you may ask? Well this one time, we were on the border of India and Pakistan. They were checking our car, therefore… as they saw the ukelele on the back seat, that Ukulele looks very self-explanatory, we’re family-friendly and we don’t bring anything dangerous. Therefore, it can’t be possible that we bring something very dangerous if we bring a Ukulele, isn’t it? 

cappadocia, turkey
  • Drawing! Well, this suggestion is made by my sister and my little brother Zach, they both love drawing except for me. I can draw a little but I don’t love drawing as much as them :) Zach always has his journal with him and a pencil that he loves to borrow from my sister or he took it from the hotel room :) On the other hand, my sister is basically an artist, she paints and draws a lot. She also paints two giant paintings of Pakistan and Iran, for her Solo Art Exhibition! Isn’t that amazing?? 

  • Last but not least, Sleep. Most of the time in the car… I usually Sleep after I do all these things and I don’t know what to do, although I also feel very tired. We all need a rest, the one who usually sleeps the most is Gemma. She loves sleeping :) but there is also a bad side of sleeping, you missed a bunch of things on the road which I hate. For example, there are a bunch of people doing something in the middle of the road, or we have to go through this interesting event… it really is a bummer but when you’re tired, you sleep :) 

  • Read a Book! Everyone may say, “isn’t reading in the car makes your head feels dizzy?”. Along the way, I don’t have any problems with reading a book in the car, sometimes it can get very dizzy but most of the time it doesn’t, most of the time it keeps me very occupied, in total of 100 Days sitting in the car I have been reading about 5 books, it’s not that many but I can never get bored. But you may wonder 5 Books? I read 3 books on my phone and 2 regular books. But you better watch for your sight, because when it’s enough you should take a break :) 

  • Create a Game with your sibling/family member! Zach is usually the one who always wanted me to play with his weird games, he either plays it with Gemma or me. We usually play What Animal Am I? By telling all these features and characteristics of the Animal and when they got it right, it's their turn! I Spy With My Little Eye... We usually play this when we get bored but we also rarely play this at the same time and many more! You can make up your own games with your siblings or with your family :) 

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