Golgappa, Pakistan

alhea houtman 


Golgappa has been one of the interesting foods that I have tried so far in my whole entire life. I have never tried anything like this, it is a unique type of food! Husain said this is his favorite traditional snack made in Pakistan, the first time I tried it… Husain told us to be careful because the water can go everywhere. The second I put it in my mouth, the water went everywhere, it drips and of course! We have to prepare a bunch of tissues. 


It could be spicy for those that don’t like spicy things but based on my opinion… I don’t think it was spicy, it was at a point where it was quite salty. “It tastes very unique,” my mom said. The Golgappa consists of; the crispy hollow ball made of semolina or wheat, filled with spicy potatoes and topped with tangy or a leaf. Then, later on, you’re going to dip it into this spicy tamarind water made fragrant by mint leaves and black salt. I definitely recommend everyone try this Golgappa! At least once in a lifetime, you have to visit Pakistan and try this delicious Golgappa :)

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- Alhea Houtman