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Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

alhea houtman

Doing School On the Road?!

Studying on the road: 

This is the most frequent question that has always been asked to me and my sister or my mom. A lot of people would ask, “Anak-Anak Sekolah kan?”. Meaning, the children go to school right? But they usually ask my mom… Anyways, for those that kept on asking these questions, yes! And my sister I am still going to school. But we don’t do homeschool, I Left by the end of term 4 or semester 2 in grade 8 and went back home in term 1 or the first semester of grade 9 :) 


I am very thankful for my school to be able to support me while I'm currently on a journey with my family, my school supports our journey very well! So when school started again I had video calls or facetime at least once a week or once every two weeks. This one time I had to facetime with my teacher in Cappadocia, Turkey morning! When usually there is a bunch of hot air balloon behind me. It could be tricky or hard to deal with the time difference but at the time difference wasn’t that big of a difference. This one time I had to facetime with my mentor and my group members at 3 am in the morning Orlando, California in the United States of America. Our time difference is about 12 hours different, therefore the exact same day we went to Disneyland Resort! I still remember when I was still in the 5th grade, but in Cappadocia, it was a way better experience :) 

We basically do school through the internet, so then teachers will give me an assignment through my email or Google Classroom! It was a little tricky but it was a really great experience, but I was very lucky having a school that supports my journey after all :) on the other hand, my sister Sha also has a very supportive school but a different way of learning! She went to an Art School, Erudio School Of Art. The way of learning and everything is different, what’s amazing is that her School still have every subject but the way of learning is given through art :) Anyways, if I have to create an assignment by drawing, I’ll have to draw it either in my iPad or manually. But learning through the internet way a very interesting way of learning! Everyone should give it a try :)

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