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Naran, Pakistan

Naran, Pakistan


alhea houtman 

Meet Matteo!
This is Matteo Nanni! He is an Italian Overlander coming all the way from Italy to Indonesia, with his Motorbike. He crossed the same countries as we do, the same path but in different directions. We are astonished by hearing his stories along the way from Italy to Indonesia. Therefore, for a whole day, we've decided to take Matteo around Jakarta! Where he also get to experience to ride the MRT, we also took him to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah! Where he gets to know Indonesia in general and our history, click the video to watch it! 
Meet Sander!
Meet Sander, our lovely friend from Australia, and making his way home to the Netherlands. Sander is an incredible person, funny, kind, and enthusiastic. He has traveled by his bike for 1 year and 4 months, isn't it crazy? and that's just about 2 countries only. In this video, he talked about his general experiences throughout traveling, how he managed to ship his bike from Australia to Indonesia, what he's up to, etc. If you're as curious as I am for his future plans and what he's currently doing and up to, keep on watching!
How Social Media is Not 100% Accurate
Hi Semua! I decided to interview people from multiple countries, have them give an opinion about How Social Media is Not 100% Accurate, and answering a few other questions. It was for one of my school projects, Culminating Project. But I've decided to share it with the world, things that they have to watch and understand. Leave some comments of what you think, or what are the contents that you want to see more of? don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like our videos, and leave your opinions on the comment section, have a nice day everyone, and stay safe during this global pandemic :) 
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