Coco Shake 

Coconut Shake?!

Storytime, the real name of this drink is not Coco Shake. I named it that myself, it is actually Coconut Shake rather than Coco Shake. Anyways, this Coconut Shake is one of the delicious drinks that I have ever tasted. I love how it tastes like a regular Vanilla Milkshake, yet you can feel the ice blended inside your mouth. The drink can be too sweet, can be the perfect taste! The drink is very fresh and good, technically they sell this Coconut Shake everywhere in Thailand. You can find it in regular open markets, you can also find it in small drinks stores. 


The first time I fell in love with this drink was the first taste, I tried my first ever Coco Shake in this city called Krabi, Thailand. That place is the Bali of Thailand, for those who don't know what’s Bali. Bali is a city in Indonesia, it is popular for its tourist attractions, the beach, the outdoor stuff that you can do, and many more. But it has been very crowded lately, due to the holiday season and there are also a bunch of tourists that live in Bali too. But Anyways, if I’m not mistaken… Coco Shake consists of; Coconut (itself), Condensed Milk, Ice, and many more. I definitely recommend everyone try this Coco Shake, it’s not only that it’s delicious, but it also freshens up your body! Especially in a Hot & Sunny Day :)

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- Alhea Houtman