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About Me!

Get to know me? 

"The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before."

-Albert Einstien 


Hi There! My name is Alhea Houtman, people usually call me by, Alhea. Yes! I’m an Indonesian and proud to be one :) I’m currently in Grade 9, studying in Sekolah Cikal Serpong. Here are the basic things that you should know about me, I love; writing, playing the piano, watching movies, animals, sports, traveling, and many more. See? I’m just a typical girl who loves all these little things. But a couple of months ago, we decided to take a really big risk into doing something that not many people have the chance to do so. 


My family & I decided to travel across the world with our everyday car, Bejo! Having a road trip for 100 Days from Indonesia to Germany :) We’ve been having this thought or idea from a very long time ago, even before any of my siblings were born. My Dad and My Mom have been best friends since High School, therefore they share a lot of things in common. But one of them is Traveling! My dad promised my mom that one day we’re going to do a road trip across the world, so… here we are now! 


The people who were involved in this trip are; My Dad (Abraham Houtman), My Mom (Winda Soepardi), My Big Sister (Sha Houtman), My Little Brother (Zach Houtman), My Grandmother (Gloria Soepardi), and Me! (Alhea Houtman). You may wonder, “Your grandmother came?!” and to answer that question… Yes! She is currently 67 years old, she is one of the strongest-independent women I have ever met and she has 18 grandchildren. Never underestimate my grandmother or any other elderlies just by their age, she is tougher than you think. My Family & I call her, Gemma. Whenever our big family decided to do traveling, she has to be invited because she loves doing so, or else she’ll be mad… trust me :) Creating a Journey or an Adventure runs in our family’s blood.


Why did I create this Website? I created it in the first place was for a Culminating Project, the issue that I chose was of How Social Media is not 100% accurate. I actually had the idea before this Culminating Project happened :) To prove that, I decided to share my experience throughout our 100 Days of Traveling from Indonesia to Germany. I wanted to prove to everyone that even the dangerous places that you think are dangerous, aren’t as dangerous as you think. Places that were given a lot of having to aren’t even bad. A lot of people are sharing a bunch of hoaxes and rumors through Social Media for fame, money, and so much more. Therefore, in my own opinion… even the worst countries that were told on the internet could be one of your favorite places you’ve been to. Personally, I don’t believe what people say even though its the truth or if it’s a lie until I see it with my two eyes and experience it myself. The second reason why I wanted to create this website is a preview of my book! Throughout 100 Days of sitting in my car, I have been writing a journal and still in the making of the book. Stay tuned for the book! Couldn’t wait any longer :) Make sure you got one soon! 


I would like to thank those that have read this far, not many people have the strength to actually read this article this far, shout out to you! Anyways, go and read my review on wearing a Thanaka on my face in Myanmar! and if you want to know how I did school along the way! Oh, Don’t forget to listen to our Spotify Playlist along the road. Enjoy reading everyone! If you have opinions or something to ask or just to chat… Don’t hesitate to Chat with me!

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